All incoming and outgoing calls via "", the VOIP company we use here, and many of you are using, is suffering from a major outage, apparently caused by Denial of Service attack. is working hard to fix the issue, and has brought in the big guns of DDOS, Cloudflare to help them out.  It was mitigated most of the night, but the attacks overwhelmed them again around 8:30 our time today.
There is nothing we can do, forwarding calls isn't available, nor can we port to a different VOIP provider.  Until they have the issue stopped, we are just stuck.  Crossing fingers that all is fine today later on.
Please use your cell phones for now, and know that the voip company is trying very hard to get things working again.
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Saturday -->  Managed to get a lot of the numbers working, this is something I did here at SYIX, the people at VOiP are still having issues.  BUT, they may break my patch by accident, so if that happens, all will go away again.  I'm watching...
Tuesday:  Things still bad!  Not as bad as Friday, but I am still moving things around trying to find a magic connection that will persist longer than a few minutes.
Here is an article about the attack from Bleeping Computer, explains things way better than I can:
UPDATE:  All seems fine with the system since Sept 25th.  Any issues after that are probably self inflicted (by me usually, typo's)